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The Natural History and Management of the Gopher Tortoise Gopherus Polyphemus (Daudin) 2008 By Ray and Patricia Ashton 275 pgs. Krieger Press.

The Ashtons wrote this book because they wanted to get information out to the workers in tortoise conservation, land managers, consultants, agency personnel, landowners, and researchers so fatal mistakes in methodology would not keep being used. The information includes new information on the gopher tortoise’s natural history and behavior. It has put down common myths like tortoises can't swim, they use only one burrow at a time, you can tell the age of a tortoise by the rings on the scutes. Most importantly, there is a fresh view of the tortoise and how it forages and travels and its social life. Tortoises travel many times the distances described in most published papers. Their forage and how they find food is extremely complex and it is important if you are going to do things like manage lands for tortoises so they will have the diverse diets for all age classes and for all seasons. Finally, establishing relocation as a conservation tool is a large part of the last section, the How To section. This section goes through the best methods of bucket trapping, finding and surveying burrows, excavation, proper care and transport, excavation, and establishing recipient sites. More than 25 years of research and study were put in to this work.

Books may be ordered directly through the publisher Krieger Publishing Company. You can order on line or get contact information by going to ISBN No. 231621, $66.50

The authors take no responsibility for the editing errors in this book and are appalled by this publisher.


The Gopher Tortoise: A Life History
by Patricia Sawyer Ashton, Ray E. Ashton, 2004

The Gopher Tortoise: A Life History

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Help to put Gopher Tortoise books into the libraries
GTCI has been given a $15,000 challenge grant by a private individual. The challenge is for GTCI and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to obtain donations from individuals and other organizations. These funds will be used to purchase copies of the Gopher Tortoise, A Life History (Pineapple Press) for distribution to school libraries, nature centers and other locations where they can be read by teachers and youngsters. If we are successful in meeting this match, it would mean that more than 3,000 books would be distributed.

MC Davis provided a $15,000 challenge grant to GTCI to raise matching funds to send copies of the Gopher Tortoise, A Life History to schools throughout Florida. WE WERE SUCCESSFUL!

Among the donors were FWC, FL Wildlife Federation, Gopher Tortoise Council, The Brant's (Gormet Rodent), FL Chapter of the Wildlife Soc., Joe Collins, the Birely's, and all the others who chipped in over the past year. Books are now being distributed to school libraries through the education section of the Florida Wildlife Commission.

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