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The Institute is providing a REVIEW AND RECOMMENDATION FOR CERTIFICATION SERVICE to those who need to receive certification in back hoe operations or Burrow Surveys as well as other areas for FWC Certified Tortoise Agents.  As of April 21, 2009 FWC requires individuals to be certified to apply  for permits in these areas.

How Does It Work

If your firm has a  relocation permit and you are conducting a back hoe burrow excavation of at least 10-15 burrows and you need to have a project manager certified for future excavations, arrangements can be made for Ray Ashton to go on site to evaluate the person as he or she is project managing the excavations.  If you have a project after the deadline and need a  certified project manager, he can be hired in this capacity and review staff  for certification.

100% Burrow Surveys

Your company or an individual that is applying for certification can have Ashton come to a site and review the process.  In this case, he will need to review the reports, maps and other required materials.

Evaluation of Recipient Sites, Training Managers, Guiding the Development of  the Sites

Pat Ashton,  top expert in tortoise forage requirements and site evaluation and  Ray Ashton can come on to a site to make recommendations on management and work with project staff to help insure that the site will be eligible for FWC certification.  They can train staff on site as well.   The costs of  these consultancies depend on what is requested.

Making Arrangements and Costs

Contact Ashton Biodiversity Research & Preservation Institute at or call 352-495-7449.

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