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If you have reason to be concerned for the safety of Gopher Tortoise in St. Lucie County, if their habitat is soon to be developed, or there are Gopher Tortoise burrows on the site, obtain the correct address, the legal description if possible, and call the Gopher Tortoise HOTLINE 888-404-3922.

Remember the best place for Gopher Tortoise is on the site where they now live, relocation is a last resort to save lives. It is expensive to relocate Gopher Tortoise, about $1,000 for each one.

If they are not safe, or may not be safe then call the hotline and refer to St. Lucie Audubon Gopher Tortoise Initiative.

GCTI: How Citizens Can Help

The materials that you can download from this page are designed to provide assistance to the people who are listed. If you want to know what a developer has to do, then download the information for developers. If you are a landowner, you may want to also visit the Gopher Tortoise Reserve page. If you are interested in programs and courses, go to that page.

Burrow Measuring For detailed information and materials click on the following:
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Milena with visitor Luu Canh Trung
Milena with visitor Luu Canh Trung
Volunteer Training for Community Tortoise Stewards
Volunteer Training for Community Tortoise Stewards

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