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The Gopher Tortoise Conservation Initiative (GTCI) is a program of Ashton Biodiversity Research & Preservation Institute, Inc., a non-profit 5013c organization. The primary goal of GTCI is to provide members who are stakeholders in lands or activities that are affected by or affect tortoise and uplands conservation with advice, training, and assistance. GTCI also provides information and guidance for the Gopher Tortoise Reserve Program.

Members learning about tortoise foragingWhat Can GTCI Do for GTCI MEMBERS?

  • Provide pertinent information on gopher tortoise issues and problems including available resources for seeking solutions
  • Offer members opportunity to attend certain member workshops
  • Provide advice on working with agencies, networking and locating services
  • Provide information on the availability of the GTCI series of hands-on training programs
    (fee required)
  • Offer members participation opportunities in a network and advisory groups

For the Registration Fee, Each GTCI Member may Receive:

  • Basic information about the natural history of the gopher tortoise. This includes “How To” information on living with a tortoise in your yard with other pets, gardens, children, and how to protect tortoises in the neighborhood.
  • “How To” information on obtaining appropriate permits from the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission. Information on current regulations.
  • A series of workshops will be held each year at the Ashton Biological Preserve or in appropriate sites around the state. These workshops would involve hands-on training and information on tortoise and habitat management and would provide an opportunity for individuals to discuss and share experiences with fellow members. Certain half-day and 1-day workshops will be open specifically to GTCI members as a part of the membership fee.
  • An opportunity to become trained as a volunteer and participate in various research and education programs being conducted by the Gopher Tortoise Conservation Initiative.
  • Opportunities to network with other GTCI members.

Members Accepted in Gopher Tortoise Reserve Program May Receive:

  • A list of specialty services available through the Gopher Tortoise Reserve Program for additional fee. These services may include assistance in obtaining permits, trapping and other management activities, developing management plans, management of habitats and problem solving.
  • Upon request, one site visit and review per year by GTCI staff or expert volunteers. (Travel expenses outside of a 30-mile radius of Finca de la Tortuga or reviewer’s base location will have to be covered by the landowner.)
  • A Gopher Tortoise Reserve Sign for lands that have been accepted into the program.



Membership by Mail

Print and mail or fax a Membership Form (59K, Adobe PDF)
ABRPI is a non-profit (501 3c) organization.

Make checks payable and mail to:
Ashton Biodiversity Research & Preservation Institute.
14260 W. Newberry Rd. #331
Newberry, Florida, 32669
Phone: 352-495-7449
Fax 352-495-7433


Membership Online (2 Categories)

1. Membership to the Gopher Tortoise Conservation Initiative (GTCI) Only

    Individual @ $35/yr
    Student (enrolled) @ $15/yr
    Family (2 adults/2 children) * @ $50/yr
    Non-Profit Group @ $50/yr
    Corporate (2 Designees) ** @ $100/yr

    * Each child under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

    ** Corporate Membership includes participation and services as indicated for 2 designated corporate employees.

2. Gopher Tortoise Reserve Program (Includes Individual Membership to GTCI)

    Acreage must be contiguous and in same ownership with no site visit @ $50/yr.
    1-5 contiguous acres in same ownership with a site visit *** @ $70/yr.
    5-25 contiguous acres in same ownership (farm, ranch, timber or pre-development interests, public lands, mitigation land, development green space) including a site visit. *** @ $90/yr.

    Each additional 100 acres add $10.00 to fee.
    _____acres @ $10/100 acres = ____________

    *** Site visits include an overview of the property and an oral evaluation and recommendations to the landowner. Travel expenses must be paid by the owner. This includes mileage, meals and lodging if necessary for properties more than 30 miles from ABRPI.

Ashton Biodiversity Research & Preservation Institute, Inc. is a
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