Is the Great Barrier Reef a Sign of Things to Come

The Great Barrier Reef has been declining for some time now – Leonardo Di Caprio and some other Hollywood celebrities were very passionate about showing exactly what was happening – to show people how much biodiversity was being lost – and how we could help it. Of course it was unfortunate that many people did not listen – and now it is being said that the loss of biodiversity is worse than climate change.

Unfortunately it looks like it will only get worse – it is all ready known that 70% of the Great Barrier Reef has deteriorated – it only takes someone who has taken a dive in this reef – to compare it to how it was before to how it was afterwards to know what’s going on.

But what can be done about it – at our museum we hope to educate those that come to us – both young and old – about the small things that can be done to offset the carbon commission that each person poses. There are very minor and small things that can be done – we hope you find a way to offset your carbon footprint by doing the following minor things:

* Avoid using plastic bags

* Take a bike to work instead of a car

* Avoid eating food imported from other countries

* Much more

Our museum will go through many other techniques – but the whole goal is for you to do things that will make it easier for you – will not be difficult – and will allow you to know that you are helping the environment.

We may not be able to change everyone – but with the loss of biodiversity in places like the Great Barrier Reef – which is very visible – it’s important that we understand what is happening and move to ensure that nothing bad happens moving forward. Our world needs us and we can do small things to ensure that it continues giving us life.

If you are interesting please make sure to call us and book a tour – we take on one to two people or entire school field trips – just make sure to call ahead to ensure that we have space for you.

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