Just how bad is the Amazon Fire that is raging as we speak?

For the entire past month, Amazon rainforest has been on fire. As a result, home of indigenous tribes have been destroyed. In the region, Brazil has declared a state of emergency. Another important outcome has been that millions of species are threatened.

The indigenous tribes have been dissatisfied with Brazil’s response to the fires. A tribal chief has expressed that response of Brazil’s president, Jair Bolsonaro has halted regarding the fires, and that he is in support of deforestation. This would be a kind of genocide, he said.

Numbers of fires in Brazil this year are higher than the numbers of fires that characteristically take place each year on an average. Last such case was in 2013, when the fires were more severe as compared to 19’. Brazil’s space research center has so far detected 80,000 fires.

At present, the numbers of fires is so large that smoke can be detected from the space as well. The smoke resembles clouds, upon observing the images taken from the space.

It was in mid August this year that attention to the fires had enhanced at a global level. Social media users used a number of trending hashtags to spread awareness regarding the fire. People from around the world took to the streets, and demanded action for putting the fires to a halt. It was a matter of time before foreign leaders made their voice heard over social media. They volunteered to help develop a plan to put the fires out.

Let us try and understand the underlying causes that led to the fires:

All round the year, the Amazon rainforest is typically wet and humid. In July and August, the dry season is underway. While they are the driest months, the forests are most vulnerable to fires in September and November.

Fires may also be attributed to human factors. They are used to clear the land for farming and ranching.

It is then important to understand the relationship between fires and climate change. With occurrence of fires, emission of greenhouse gases increases as well. With overall temperatures of the planet rising, occurrence of draughts becomes more commonplace.

Deforestation brings about a change in rainfall patterns and the dry season is extended. The effects reflect upon human health, agriculture, biodiversity and the forests themselves.

In the proccess of deforestation many legal areas have to be considered – you can learn more about our source of legal advice by clicking the link.